Philosophy & Vision

Pallavanjali believes that the purpose of education is the full development of the human potential, sense of dignity and self worth and the strengthening of respect for human rights, fundamental freedom and human diversity.

At Pallavanjali we believe that the early establishment of a positive self-image and a positive view of the learning environment provide a foundation for achievement. We recognize the different learning styles, abilities and interests of each child and incorporate them into our learning environment and educational process.

Towards that end Pallavanjali will provide a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes confidence, indepent living skills,critical thinking skills, leading to the development of well adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities.

Our Vision

The vision of Pallavanjali isĀ  to design, develop, sustain and replicate a paradigm of inclusive education for all learners , which is accessible, affordable, appropriate and accountable and which conforms to the highest standards of quality, equity and ethics.