PALLAVANJALI INSTITUTE is one of a kind programme where under one roof all the needs of a special student from 3 yrs of age to adulthood are met. Accordingly we offer the following programme depending on the age and needs of each student:

The school has inclusive classes from Nursery to Class 8th.  Pallavanjali offers a unique 75:25 ratio of inclusion. We believe that children who learn together learn to live together. Though we are not affiliated to CBSC we follow their curriculum.

inclusive2The inclusive school programme  is designed aiming to develop an all-round personality for the children in all areas of development . We cater to giving a

holistic school experience through all activities conducted in the schools including all academic ( reading ,writing, math, EVE, science and social studies) and extracurricular( Assembly,PE,Dance ,Art craft ,Music and Pottery) classes in an inclusive set up.

Children are provided with remedial therapies for education(1:7) ,occupational therapy and speech and language therapy(1:1) in the school programme.  All remedial therapies of children focus on individual needs of the children and are based on Individual Education Plans made by the team of specialist along with parents.

inclusive3We have qualified multidisciplinary team consisting of Occupational therapists, Speech and language therapists and Special Educators working at both the Intervention centre and School programme.

The Occupational Therapists provide interventions for sensory integration, perceptual skills and gross and fine motor skills.

The Speech and Langauge Therapists provide intervention for articulations, oral motor skills and communication

Special Educators provide interventions for cognition and remedial in education(reading ,writing, numeracy and general awareness) .

Along with the above interventions counselling for parents and behavior modification and life skill program for children is an ongoing process.

At every stage Individual Educational Plan is prepared by our multidisciplinary team along with the parents working towards attaining full potential for the children.

After class 8 our children have three options. we support children in getting admission in other schools, or they can opt for NIOS or they enter our career training programme( see Career Training section for details.)  For those students who want to opt for NIOS board we are affliated with the board and hold NIOS classes in Pallavanjali.